Aesthetic Skin Care with Skin Health Solutions

What is Aesthetic Skin Care?

Aesthetic skin care

Aesthetic skin care is the treatment of skin conditions to improve cosmetic appearance.

It’s delivered through various active ingredients by targeting specific concerns.

Therefore, it is regularly used in the treatment of scars, skin laxity, cellulite, skin discolouration, excess fat and unwanted hair.

Aesthetic Skin care is often broken down into three categories dermatology, reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery.

However, Skin Health Solutions specialise in the distribution of dermatological based skin care products.

Also specialising in non-surgical procedures such as chemical peel, mesotherapy, micro needling, hair removal and non surgical liposuction.

Our sister company Emma Coates Aesthetic Training trains individuals that are level 3 beauty therapists or medical practitioners to safely administer our products and advanced, aesthetic skin treatments.

Although aesthetic skin care procedures are chosen by the client to improve skin integrity, a sense of psychological wellbeing can also be gained, improving one’s self-confidence.

Skin Peels

We are proud to have British brand epiderma5 in our portfolio.

Produced and manufactured in the United Kingdom. epiderma5 is now a firm favourite with Beauty Salons & Aesthetic Clinics all over the country.

Aesthetic Skin Care


Our microneedling products are also developed and created by Genosys in South Korea.

Most noteworthy are :

GENO-LED – low level light therapy device.

DermaFix – automated pen device and the

Dermapeel – non chemical peeling device.

Dermaroller – mcironeedling device

Customers can buy these products from our online shop!

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