GENOSYS Needle Pen-K Cartridges (Box of 10)


Please note, these needle cartridges ARE compatible with both versions of the Dermafix/Needle Pen-K.

However, the older cartridges are NOT compatible with the newer Dermafix model (Needle Pen-K).

Number of needles16: The number of needles is 16, thus making more micro channels when compared to other autoneedling devices whose needle cartridges have have 12 needles in general.
Thickness of needle 0.2mm: The pricking sensation is minimised.
Cutting shape needle of needle-hexagon: The cross section of each needle is configured to form a polygonal cross section of at least six sides instead of a circular cross section, so that when pricking the skin with the needles , the contact surface of each needle relative to the skin can be reduced, thus minimising the pain.
Sterilised needles: Hygiene, safety.

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