GENOSYS Retail Starter Kit


Starter Package Contains

Snow Cleanser 180ml x3

Snow Toner 200ml x3

Bi-Phasic Makeup Remover 200ml x3

Hydro Soothing Cream 50ml x3

Multi Function Cream 50ml x3

Box of Post Repair 12 x 20ml

Problem Control Cream 50ml x3

AFS Serum 30ml x3

AWS Serum 30ml x3

PCS Serum 30ml x3

SWS Serum 30ml x3

Multi Sun SPF 40 40ml x3

Blemish Balm SPF 30 50ml x3

EGF Bubbling Cream 50ml x3

Multi Vita Radiance Cream 50ml x 3

Nd Cell Anti Wrinkle Cream 50ml x3

Nd Cell Anti Wrinkle Serum 30ml x3

Eye Contour Cream 20ml x3

Eye Contour Serum 10ml x3

Eye Patches 60 patches x3

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Product Enquiries

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