M3 Matrix Ultrasonic Cavitation Peeling Machine

The M3 matrix ultrasonic cavitation peeling machine is an incredibly user-friendly machine that produces the best quality results with the most comfort possible to your clients.

As your aesthetic business begins to grow, you will want to start adding new treatments to your portfolio. Not only will you want to have extra services to offer to your existing customers, but you will also want additional treatments that you can sell to potential new clients.

What is utrasonic cavitation peeling?

Ultrasonic cavitation peeling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that is performed with a handheld device shaped like a spatula that uses ultrasonic waves to give the effect of cavitation.

Water or toner is sprayed onto skin producing microscopic bubbles filled with gas, which, under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations, suddenly burst. As a result, this breaks down dead skin cells and exposes a fresher more youthful skin layer free of excess bacteria, sebum and toxic substances.

ultrasonic cavitation peeling machine

What does ultrasonic cavitation peeling treat?

Ultrasonic cavitation peeling is a fantastic skin rejuvenation or cleansing treatment which is excellent for people susceptible to pimples, acne or oily skin.

  • removes sebum, dead skin cells and blackheads
  • improves the look of scars
  • exfoliates the skin
  • unblocks pores
  • stimulates collagen production

Cavitation peeling is also an excellent as preparation to use before other treatments as it opens the pores therefore enabling better absorption of vitamins, minerals and active ingredients into the skin.

Why the M3 Matrix?

The M3 matrix is not just a cavitation peeling machine, it also has the option to purchase additional heads, making this machine incredibly versatile. It also means you can build a set of treatments that work incredibly well together such as cavitation peeing and no needle mesotherapy. The m3 matrix is also completely portable meaning its easy to move around your salon or clinic, or if you have a mobile service you are able to transport the machine easily.

The extra heads that you can buy are

  • Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • Ultrasound fat loss
  • Radiofrequency
  • Dermomassage
  • No neede mesotherapy (electroporation)